Monday, September 9, 2013

Food Photography

After I moved to Provo I thought that most of my contacts up in Logan would forget about me and find someone else. Turns out they still love me. I got a call from my friend Laura. She owns a company called Vivian's Live Again (formerly wheat free nutrition) and she needed some shots done of her products for her labels. Then after we did that she was so happy with my work that she invited me back to photograph more product and some recipes as well. She specializes in gluten free food and is also moving into Dairy free as well. It's really a cool business, and the food tastes great. So if you happen to be a non-dairy person, or if you have Celiacs, I highly recommend Vivian's Live again. Look at some of the photos and how appetizing this stuff is.
The one thing I am not really happy about is how much reflection is on the wood. Other than that I am pretty content.

Little Artsy Potato Shot. I highly recommend food stylists.

This is a photo, of a photo, of some food that I shot for some labels. Yes, I shot the photos for the labels. If you are in Cache Valley, you can find these at Lee's.

No I am not paying homage to Warhol, well kind of, but we needed a shot of a traditional label for her website. She's trying to educate people as well about Celiacs and what to look for on food labels.

For all of these I had the opportunity to work with a food stylist. It was Laura's brother Paul (I don't have his last name right now, but if you want it, I can pass it on to you). He made the day so much more productive. He's a chef who used to work at the Restaurant up Millcreek Canyon. Great guy and very talented.