Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Pictures

It has been over three months since I posted (with the exception of the last one that I did three minutes ago).  I know that all twelve of you that follow my blog are anxiously awaiting each and every new post and wish that I would do one every other day, but alas my time is spent pursuing many passions.  To update my blog sometimes falleth quite short on my list of to do's.  I haven't been idle I can tell you that much.  First bit of news, I have been accepted to Utah State University's Masters of Fine Arts program (MFA for short).  My wife and I will soon be moving to Logan where all our dreams come true (that is Logan right?).  I'll post a little bit of my portfolio that I submitted later (probably after I have graduated at the rate that I am going).  But since all of our family is here in Salt Lake and we will probably still be coming down once a month or more I can still do any photography necessary in SL or in Logan.  Let's call this an expansion of the photography business.  So my wife and I have been very busy trying to sell our house and make all the necessary arrangements and that is why the blog was neglected.  
Anyway, this blog has some senior pictures (bet you didn't know I did those either did ya), some families, and a wedding I did this spring and one I did last summer but forgot to post (I don't know how that happened).  Anyway, enjoy and if you like what you see, leave a comment.


Due to the request of my wife,  this post is dedicated to retouching.  Retouching is a service that is included with all family, bridal and engagement sessions.  Some retouching is very simple, such as basic color balancing, teeth whitening, blemish removal, etc.  Others can be a little tricky, such as head swaps, thinning, building removals, changes of background, insertion of people, removal of people (happens very seldomly), the occasional color change of an outfit, etc.  I try and compose my photographs in such a way that minimal retouching is necessary, but in a large family there is usually at least one kid not smiling or someone blinking,  and as much as the parents want to print that picture as large as they want with the kid giving a silly face just to teach them a lesson, we would rather have a nice portrait on the wall.  Below are some examples of some retouching I have done.  I have included the before and afters along with a little explanation of what was done (albeit a little vague, you have to guess who it was done on.)
This image had two head swaps, some thinning, and building removal, along with standard color and tonal adjustments.

This image is a little easier to pick out.  Here I did one head swap of the little girl.  

This one had multiple head swaps and a little background alteration.  Some of the parents opted not to switch their kids faces, just so they could remember them just the way they were.