Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mountain Bike Photos

My students at the college are working on an advertising project. They decided to focus on a specific bike pedal that allows the rider to both clip in and use a platform. So in order to do that they needed some images to create their layouts. I brought in the photo gear and they art directed the photo shoot. It was pretty awesome and I think they did a good job. I'm excited to see how their final project comes together. 

Xtremeguard Promo Video

I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy. As much as I wish I was busier with more work, it sure is fun to spend some time with the family. But when I made this video, I really was pretty swamped. I was teaching 4 graphics classes, as well as freelancing graphic art and photography. I was originally going to turn this down, but thanks to my wife she convinced me to do it. And because of that I could go out and buy a new bike. I didn't use all the money for it, just a little.
Some other fun news that has me stressing a little bit (just a bit) is that my wife was accepted into grad school, so we have to move. This means I have to leave my job teaching and follow her to pursue her passions, and I am totally cool with that, because she did the same thing when I wanted to do grad school. It was tough, and it probably will be tough at first but we are excited for this opportunity. Anyway, enjoy the video. I made it for a company called Xtremeguard. They make screen protectors for cell phones. Great company to work with and very accommodating.